Dabbling in corsetry

I think I can blame my longtime fascination with English Victoriana and the American West for my desire to make a corset.   Of course, buying a corset would be a logical approach, but why buy when I can take on such a fun project?

I started out with this corset making kit from Aussie Corset Supplies.  With hindsight, I would also have purchased a tailors awl, grommet setter and 4 x white steel bones (to support the rear lacing) at the same time.     The pattern was very easy to follow and my moderate level sewing skills were more than sufficient.

My boobs are an E cup, so I originally chose the Silverado corset with gores for a generous fit.   I cut my first toile (calico mock up) to fit an E-F cup, but found the result was HUGE on me.   Not even close!  So I picked it apart and replaced the gores with much smaller ones.   It ended up fitting at a basic level, but I just didn’t like the line it gave me

reject corset


toile #1.   Back to the drawing board.  If I’m going to put in all this work, I need a better fit on my bust.

Toile #2 was the regular corset shape which I extended a little higher to ensure that there would be no accidental nipple appearances.  After all, I do want the option of wearing this corset without something underneath.   This time, we have success.   Fits me like a glove!  I used very cheap and easy grommets for the lacing in this one.

corset  corset back


Happy with this toile – moving on to the real thing.

Next step is to unpick the toile and use the pieces as my new pattern.    The fabric for my proper corset is English Coutil exterior, drill and heavy interfacing to stabilise the inside and some leftover patchwork fabric for the lining.    And this would not be complete without a quick shout out to my hubby for helping me set the grommets. I have no idea how our technique differs, but his grommet holes were so much straighter than mine.   He will now be employed as “principal grommet setter” on any future corsets.

IMG_1154 IMG_1153 black corset


Very happy with final result.   Now – need to find somewhere to wear it!


2 thoughts on “Dabbling in corsetry

    • I do have an eyelet setter – the kind which requires a mallet. I suspect my issue is more related to awl technique. Perhaps I’m pushing it at an angle and so the hole doesn’t end up centred around the dot where I marked the hole? At any rate, Mick manages the awl far better than I do.


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