A new quilt

As the daughter of a quilter, I find it ironic that I have to make my own bed quilts.   But mum’s quilts are handmade works of art, whereas I want quilts to snuggle into and keep me warm.

My latest quilt was inspired by bedroom colours which didn’t quite work well together.    It all started when I added an artwork featuring greys and warm neutrals to a room which was only warm neutrals.  When the new grey bed head failed to bring it all together, I went hunting for patchwork fabrics which incorporated all the colours in my room.

I chose the chevron pattern because of the masculine feel.  Hubby doesn’t get terribly excited about quilts (do any men?) but is OK with them if I go for something which isn’t ‘girly’.

The quilting was done by me on long arm machine at Hobbysew, Top Ryde.    To date, I’ve quilted everything on my domestic machine but a queen sized quilt was far too big for me to contemplate doing at home.     The staff at Hobbysew were excellent and provided a one day training course before I started.    Quilting this quilt took the best part of a day – quite exhausting, but very rewarding.

Now I’m looking forward to the nights warming up a bit so that we can use the quilt.   In the meantime, the feather doona will have to do.


chevron close chevron quilt


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