You know you’re getting old when you not only need multi-focal glasses for everyday living, but you also need a pair of super magnifiers to thread the overlocker needles.   That’s where I was today when taking in a few pairs of trousers.


The alterations I speak of haven’t only been to my trousers, but to my lifestyle in general.   You see, at my doctor’s prompting, I’ve been getting fitter and losing weight in the process.    It’s taken ages, but the recommended weight training, cardio and smaller portion sizes are finally coming to fruition.   I’ve lost about 9kg (20 lbs) and have gone down a trouser size.    Better yet, the exercise seems to have given my post menopausal sex drive a kick up the rear end.   The sex drive kind of got lost in recent years and I had simply accepted it – but then some hilariously debauched conversations with a new-but-already-dear friend reminded me of what I was missing.    I went on a bit of a journey, changing meds…and trying new ones… but in the end, I have to concede that getting my body moving – combined with a determination to not accept the current situation – made the biggest change of all.

It hasn’t been particularly easy – due mostly to the fact that I’m lazy.  I’d much prefer to be sitting behind a sewing machine or with a pile of photos.    I can’t even use lack of time as an excuse because while my son is at school, I have all the time in the world.  Nope, it’s just sheer laziness and procrastination.    I’m not sure that I’ll ever get to the point of actually enjoying exercise, but I’m sure enjoying the benefits of getting fitter, slimmer and getting those ‘feel good’ hormones pumping again.


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