Steampunk Utility Belt

This backpack was given to me by my hubby about 20 years ago.   It had become very worn out and should probably have been retired, but the emotional attachments were strong.  I decided that rather than living all sad and unused in the bottom of my wardrobe, I would be better off giving it a new lease of life.


I started by unpicking the seams and removing the pockets from the outside.   These pockets will become the core pieces for the utility belt.   I cut leather from the back and bottom of the bag to make backs for the pockets and also wide belt loops on the back of the pockets.



Putting the leather pockets together was a bit tricky.  The sewing machine struggled, but we got through.   And I cut the pocket backs a little small by mistake, so put a few extra darts in the front sections to make them fit.

The buckle on the front pocket (see below) was cut from one of the backpack’s straps.   I sewed the top of the strap into the top of the pocket and super-glued the bottom to the pocket.   I would have preferred to sew it on, but it was an afterthought and superglue was my best remaining option.

Anyway, here is the final work.   Because of the belt loops, I can move the pockets on or off my belt or position differently as required.   Now, all I need is a Steampunk event!




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