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15yo Miss A has a tiny 25 inch waist and a penchant for clothes which look great with wide belts.  We’re talking vintage and op shops. Unfortunately, wide belts in her size are particularly hard to come by here in Australia.    She was wearing one of my wide elastic belts with a new skirt, but had hair pins in it to try and bring it in small enough to fit.

I suggested we make a cummerbund which she could wear to fit exactly her size.   She hadn’t heard of a cummerbund before – and after a quick look at cummerbunds, it would appear that they haven’t been in fashion since the 1980’s.   Now I know why she was ignorant of their existence.   And I’m again reminded of my age.

Anyway, today is Valentines Day and she was heading out for a lunch with The Boy.   Had an hour or two up my sleeve and decided to run up a quick one for her to wear on her date.   In my stash I found some leftover black drill, some very heavy interfacing and some herringbone weave black cotton tape for the bow.   Perfect.

I cut a two strips of fabric measuring 2.75 inches wide and about 32 inches long.    I marked the half way mark on the fabric.  From there, another mark at 12.5 inches (half her waist measurement) and another to mark the end of the belt.   I then marked how I wanted the belt to taper in.    Fabrics and interfacing then cut to size.

cummerbung marking

When pinning together, I attached the tape at one end and then ran it up inside of the cummerbund and out the other end.   This gives me one finished end – plus I can use the end of the tape to pull the cummerbund right side out.   It’s hard to see because it’s black on black, but hopefully you can see what I mean.    I used a zipper foot when doing my side seams so that I could skim along the sides of the tape and not catch it in my seams at the narrow points.

cummerbund pinning

After I turned it right way out, I just needed to put tape in the open end and fix it closed.  A good press was the only thing left to do.

cummerbund finished

Finished cummerbund

cummerbund backcummerbund front

Back view                                                                      Front view


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