Mid-Season Cardigan

I love a cardi – the perfect garment for mid season.    I was recently adding to my autumn wardrobe when I found the perfect cardi at a major department store chain in Sydney.   Then I looked at the price – it was just a bit over $100.    I was tempted, but then realised that the fabric was just basic Tshirt fabric and the pattern itself was quite simple.   I’m very much a newby to knits, so ‘simple’ is a pre-requisite.

Pattern Jalie 2919 was very close to the original garment so I ordered it from the US.  Sadly, Jalie patterns aren’t sold here. I found some lovely soft Tshirt fabric for $5 per metre at an Asian fabric store in Marrickville.  Win!

I’m an Australian size 12-14 with a 102cm (42″) bust.   So I chose size Y from the chart.   It fitted me perfectly, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any smaller.   Also, on the pattern picture, the cardi is shown worn open – this is accurate.   If I wanted to pull it closed in the front, I would have to add a couple of inches to the front panels.

I did a lot of messing about with the pleats on the front.  I did transfer markings to the fabric, but perhaps they came out a bit wonky?  At any rate, I did unpick and re-sew a number of them.   If I make it again, I will mark out the seam lines and also measure the gaps between the seams just to make sure.    Call me pedantic, but it makes me happy.

I would highly recommend this pattern.  I know I’ll be making another from it.

Jalie 2919


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