A much loved mock up

A couple of years ago I discovered the idea of making mock ups before sewing the real thing.    More recently, I discovered the ‘wearable mockup’.     This is my first wearable mockup and I’ve worn it to death.   With the record breaking summer we’re currently experiencing, there’s nothing better than loose linen.    The linen was from the stash of an old school friend’s mother’s estate.   I wasn’t sure about the fabric pattern, but with my daughter’s encouragement I’ve grown to love it.


The dress is a mash up of New Look 6803 and my own sloper.   I took out the fancy neckline because my goal was simply to make sure the basic fit was OK. Since this photo was taken, I’ve picked up a perfect white, summery necklace which adds the little bit of extra detail the dress needs.

I did end up having a go at Version C of the pattern using black linen, but the neckline didn’t sit right, the linen was too heavy and I looked completely overwhelmed by the whole thing.   But the mockup was just perfect.



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