About Me


Hi, my name is Robyn Steele and you’ve stumbled across my blog.  I’m a 47yo mother of two.   I’m a carer and a crafter.

I come from crafty stock.  My family is full of artists, knitters and sewers so it was not surprising that I picked the bug up too. I seem to go through phases of enjoying different skills and am currently in a sewing phase.  My sewing skills were mostly formed under my mother’s guidance and in years 7-10 at high school and have been recently revived and improved on.    I am keen to give anything a try and love nothing more than learning a new skill.

The caring comes about because my 18yo son is autistic.   He has moderate support needs which require me to be available during weekdays.   Caring can be somewhat socially isolating, hence me spending far too much time crafting and hanging out on the interwebs.

I also have a smart, nerdy, queer 15yo girl.   It’s been wonderful watching her grow into a thoughtful and engaging young woman.    My family is rounded out with my terrific hubby and the bird.

If you like my work, please stop and say “hi”.



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