Storage and organising. Thanks Ikea

There is this unorganised place under the stairs.   A place of random fruit boxes, tubs, cobwebs and dust bunnies.   A number of years ago, I got a quote from a specialist wardrobe company to add built in storage, but at $7,000 the idea was promptly discarded and the boxes and dust remained.   I did look at using Ikea wardrobe fittings, but cutting down the wardrobe exterior to fit the spot was not something I wanted to tackle.  This messy spot was firmly in the ‘too hard basket’.

Finally, I had the idea of using open style Ikea shelving.  I chose the Expedit range because of all the coordinating boxes, baskets, drawers and doors.   Took myself to Ikea, loaded the car with two units and random inserts and put it all under the stairs.   One trip back to Ikea two days later to fine tune the add ons and I’m in business.

The best bit was organising the contents.   There is something about organising which is good for my soul.   Some of the stuff I’d been keeping was thrown away, some was donated and the rest was sorted and stored.   Best of all, I now have tubs for my scrapbooking supplies, sewing supplies (and one tub specifically for current projects) a nook for office supplies and places for my ‘random other craft stuff’.

All this was achieved for around $300.   A vast improvement from the $7,000 quote!

under stairs


A bit of upholstery

Wow, this is some seriously fun fabric. Not a project of my choosing this time – it’s a favour for my father in law.  He needs four new chair pads for his upcoming 90th birthday bash.   And make no mistake, this is going to be some party!

If I am to be completely honest, this bit of upholstering is a reminder as to why I generally stay well clear of upholstery and curtain making. It’s about as fun as washing the dishes.   That being said, I’m very impressed as to how fabulous they are looking. My sisters in law certainly have an eye for what will look great. The cheerful and summery fabric combined with surprisingly successful sewing – not to mention knowing they will be very much appreciated – is making this a worthwhile task.



Two down, two to go.