New Look 6952

I’ve been looking for fitted shirts lately.   All the fashion stores have very loose tops which  look terrific on some women – but they really aren’t flattering on me.

I so found New Look 6952 and thought I’d give it a go.   I tried to find it at my local Spotlight store but they didn’t have it.   No surprises there – I seem to have terrible luck finding the patters I want in Spotlight.  And am I the only one who has a yearning to go and re-sort all of Spotlight’s patterns in the drawers? It drives me nuts when they are all mixed up!   Anyway, I found a pattern on Etsy which had been pre-cut in my size.     I hate cutting out pattern bits so this was a win.

I chose view D.    Can’t beat a sleeveless top for summer.

new look 6962

I made a mockup and found lots of armhole gaping.  Standard outcome for those of us who have a generous amount of bust.   I altered the bust line using this technique and got a much better fit.

After the basic adjustment, the pattern was easy to follow.   My fabric was single sided so I had to add a facing at the front top of the shirt.   If you want to avoid making a facing, be sure to choose double sided fabric.   I also made my own bias binding instead of using pre-made.   I much prefer bias which matches.

Here’s the end result.   I’m rather happy with it

new look 6952



Fabric shopping heaven

I’m between projects at present and thought I’d use the time to go visit Metro Fabrics in Tempe, Sydney.   My friend Kayla (who makes the stunning corsets at Corsetology Corsets) told me it was a great source for corsetry fabrics and notions, but I was also intrigued by their lingerie and swimwear supplies.

My first reaction was just “WOW”.   So many fabrics to choose from and an incredible amount of elastics, clasps, bra hooks, bones….I could go on forever!     Probably wouldn’t be my first choice for dressmaking fabrics, but a great big yes for the more obscure sewing that I do.

The only down side was the service.  Or, lack there of.   I would have thought that an interest in dressmaking, textiles or even customer service would be a prerequisite for working in a fabric store, but apparently not.   My advice if coming to this store is to not to wing it as I did, but to actually do your research before leaving home.   Know exactly what you want.  Then again, doing one’s research is never a bad thing.

So, what did I buy?   A whole pile of wide stretch elastic lace for making “cheeky cut” undies.   I usually pay around $15-$20 retail for a pair of these, but with what I bought today, I will be able to make them for about $2 each.   I also bought some floral lycra and swimwear lining and will attempt to make a 1950’s style bikini.    Assuming I am successful at these endeavours, the tutorials will follow before too long.   Stay tuned…..


Starting my own blog

It’s the first day of spring and quite glorious weather. My intention for today was to start some spring cleaning, but I’m fighting a lergy and instead of cleaning, I am sitting on my bottom figuring out how to make this blog. I’ve been debating with myself over whether or not I should do this. Would anyone read it? I don’t know. But then I figured that at the very least, it would be a good record of my work. And at best, I will connect with other creative, crafty people to share ideas, tips and tricks.  So, here goes nothing