Mid-Season Cardigan

I love a cardi – the perfect garment for mid season.    I was recently adding to my autumn wardrobe when I found the perfect cardi at a major department store chain in Sydney.   Then I looked at the price – it was just a bit over $100.    I was tempted, but then realised that the fabric was just basic Tshirt fabric and the pattern itself was quite simple.   I’m very much a newby to knits, so ‘simple’ is a pre-requisite.

Pattern Jalie 2919 was very close to the original garment so I ordered it from the US.  Sadly, Jalie patterns aren’t sold here. I found some lovely soft Tshirt fabric for $5 per metre at an Asian fabric store in Marrickville.  Win!

I’m an Australian size 12-14 with a 102cm (42″) bust.   So I chose size Y from the chart.   It fitted me perfectly, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any smaller.   Also, on the pattern picture, the cardi is shown worn open – this is accurate.   If I wanted to pull it closed in the front, I would have to add a couple of inches to the front panels.

I did a lot of messing about with the pleats on the front.  I did transfer markings to the fabric, but perhaps they came out a bit wonky?  At any rate, I did unpick and re-sew a number of them.   If I make it again, I will mark out the seam lines and also measure the gaps between the seams just to make sure.    Call me pedantic, but it makes me happy.

I would highly recommend this pattern.  I know I’ll be making another from it.

Jalie 2919


Pram Blanket

There’s a baby girl due shortly and my family are bursting with excitement.    I was looking for a simple idea for a newborn gift and decided on a pram blanket.   (Jadie, don’t look!)   This is likely to be the first of many baby gifts leaving my machine in the short term.

I knew the mum has decided that she wants to avoid pastel colours, so I went for the vibrant colours in this piece of fabric from the patchwork store.  The zebra print back is a velvety, soft, fleecy fabric which I just want to stroke.  Continuously.  Lime green binding lifts the edges and also compliments the zebra print.

It was all very simple really.   I layered the two prints back to back, some random safety pins in the centre and dressmaking pins held them together while I put the binding on.    I was wondering if I’d need to put some random stitches through the blanket to hold the layers in place, but it seems to be doing just fine without.

Hope she likes it

pram blanket