When it all comes together

The crafting bug hit me today.  With a sledgehammer.  No amount of personal persuasion to the contrary was going to beat today’s desire to make something.   Not that I tried very hard to block it.     It’s the Christmas break – the sewing shops would either be closed or too crowded with people shopping the post Christmas sales – so I was going to have to make do.

After spending far too long on Pinterest reviewing my options, I decided to sew a makeup purse for my daughter.  It was one of those perfect crafts where I had absolutely everything I needed at my fingertips.   Leftover fabrics from a previous quilt, some batting, the perfect zip and all the tools I needed.

I love the way that tools bought for different applications can be used in so many ways.   The cutting board bought for scrapbooking is the same type used for the rotary cutting of fabric.   The clear ruler bought for measuring patchwork squares is now used for cutting any fabric in a straight line.   And the new guides for making bone casings on my corsets worked wonderfully for constructing the red highlight on my purse.

All in all, a very rewarding day with nothing spent.  And to make it better, my daughter actually liked the purse!



Corset #2 – Under Bust

After having a very successful attempt at my first corset, I’ve been bursting to try another corset in a different style.    I’d been debating different styles, but ultimately I found inspiration in the beautiful work and stunning fabric use at Lovely Rat’s Corsetry.  

The choice of fashion fabric for the outer layer was relatively easy – I’d previously fallen in love with the peacock colours in a particular patchwork fabric at a local patchwork store.   At the time, I knew that I didn’t want to use it for a quilt, so instead stored the fabric in my memory for use in a future project.   And this was going to be it.

I decided on an under bust style of corset with boning channels on the outside.    The pattern was an adaptation of my previous Laughing Moon over bust corset.   It took two mock-ups to get the fitting right – the main issue being the length of the corset.

I think the most trying part of the corset was in stitching the seams of the boning channels so that they’d be discretely hidden ‘in the ditch’ on the underside of the corset.   If my memory serves me correctly, all but one channel had to be readjusted in parts.    But I don’t regret the work – my perfectionist self would not have been happy with anything less.

IMG_4483 IMG_4482 IMG_4481