Star Wars PJs

Sewing can certainly save a lot of money.   This cardigan I made was a lot cheaper to hand sew than to buy in the store. But other items can be far more expensive when made ourselves.  So why do we do it?   Because we want a particular fit or style, or in this case, because it’s not available in the stores.

My boy is 18 now.  He wears boy’s size 16 clothes.   He’s been grumbling a bit because I’m always sewing girly things.   Dresses, corsets, and various other bits of women’s clothing.   Truth be told, home sewing is geared far more to making clothing for the female gender.    Long story short, he was feeling left out.

They don’t make Star Wars PJs in his size.  Apparently one is supposed to outgrow Star Wars at age 10, but the love for the Force is still going strong here.   I found some Star Wars flannelette in Spotlight and made him some PJ pants.  The fabric cost an arm and a leg, but it was so cool to make him something he’d love to wear.   And love it he did.   The first thing he did when he put them on was ask for a matching shirt.  Damn.  The pattern didn’t include a shirt so I had to go and look for a new pattern.

I tried both Spotlight and Lincraft for the pattern but they had no copy.  At least Spotlight still had the fabric in store.   I was so desperate for a pattern that I decided to download one.  Have I told you how much I dislike the “download, print and tape” method of acquiring patterns?   No?   Well let me tell you, it’s a pain in the arse.   I wasn’t looking forward to all the taping, but didn’t even get that far because I couldn’t print due to the damn software and my printer not speaking to each other.   Grrrr.

Plan B.   I remembered that I had an old flannelette PJ set of my own which I’d kept for copying in the future.   Decided to cut down the top and do a quick mock-up for my boy.   And we had success.  He was a little perturbed about the pink floral fabric of my old top, but humoured me with fittings after reassurance that he wouldn’t be wearing little flowers.

So here he is in his new PJs.  He’s a man of my own heart and loves to put his PJs on when he’s in for the night.  The button placement is a little wonky because my initial guestimate for placement was wrong.  But he doesn’t care.

Star Wars PJs


A Teenage Boy Quilt.

This was my first quilt.   It was 2011 and my son had well and truly grown out of the beautiful appliqued alphabet quilt made for him by my mother.   I explained to my son that I was making a ‘teenage boy’ quilt and the name stuck.   “A Teenage Boy Quilt” is now it’s official name.

He had a very strong love for Star Wars at the time, so his room had lots of Star Wars merchandise around.  It was painted red because he wanted it to look like the lava planet Mustafar.   I wondered if the red walls would send him a bit crazy, but he’s been fine.

Anyway, the red, black and white was chosen because a) it would compliment the Star Wars decoration and b) I love working with vibrant colours.   The quilt is finished with ‘in the ditch’ quilting and has a very soft and light batting.    He loves it.

IMG_4573 IMG_4574