A new pair of trousers

I decided that a pair of black, wide leg trousers was just what my wardrobe needed.    I went pattern hunting in the post Christmas sales but all the best ones were gone and the closest I could find was Simplicity 1617.    It was close enough to what I wanted but would need some variation.  Particularly the gathered section above the belly.   I have no idea why someone would choose to put gathering there, but at least it was fairly easy to alter and add darts instead.

When I was fabric hunting for this I was quite keen to find rayon.   I just love the cool, breathable softness of rayon.  As it turned out, I couldn’t find rayon but stumbled across bamboo fabric instead.   It felt just as lovely as rayon and seems to have all the same properties – so I went with that instead.  I’ll definitely be using bamboo in the future.

The pattern was very easy.   I had a bit of trouble figuring out what size to make because according to the measurements, I would be an 18-20.   Knowing that patterns tend to run big, I decided to go with a 12.    I started with a mock-up, found the 12 was a little too tight and ended up making somewhere between a 14-16.

I was concerned that the legs of the trousers would be a bit short, so I added two inches to the length when cutting.  And was very glad I did because I needed all that extra fabric for the hem.   At 170cm (5’7″) tall, I’m no giant, but I am tall enough to be wary of short trouser legs.    That being said, I never know where to hem wide trousers.   Photos online show them skimming the ground – but I worry about how dirty and worn they’ll get.   But making the hems higher can just look silly so I’ve tried to find a length which is ‘just long enough’.    I’m not sure if this is their final length – will wear a few times and see how I feel.

The other change I made was to make the waist sit a little higher.    Easy to adapt.

All in all, very happy with the end result – I think they’ll be getting loads of wear

Update:  After a few wears, I found that this fabric stretches with wear – in a similar fashion to linen.   I’ve added a sneaky bit of elastic to the waist to hold them up after they’ve been worn for a bit.   And the hem was let down a bit too.    Jan 22, 2015

.simplicity 1617